“Coach Europe” takes the qualification and the training of its drivers very seriously. We pride ourselves of having the most professional drivers not only within Germany but europewide. We regularly invest in training and language courses as well as technical training especially for the coaches our drivers drive. They are also trained in client contact. Our drivers speak German, most of them also speak English and can also speak Russian and Polish. They all wear a uniform and have a professional appearance.

Drivers qualification

Security training

Our drivers take part in the security training. It takes place in a professional training environment. It includes

  • practical driving traiing;
  • dealing with crisis situation;
  • theory of driving safety and physics of driving

Language courses

Our service quality is of utmost importance to us. That is why we regularly invest in language courses. Each year all our drivers attend thorough language trainings.

Driving regulations

On the road all drivers abide strictly by the international regulations of driving periods. We inform you about the latest state on this important information on request. That enables you to plan your trip in accordance with the European regulations.