Frequently asked questions

Buses of what sizes are available at “Coach Europe”?

We provide a great selection of buses and coaches of numerous sizes to accommodate any number of passengers. Our fleet includes 3-seat limousines for the VIP clients, 7-seat minivans for smaller groups, and 18-seat sprinter vehicles for corporate trips. But our charter options do not stop at this: we also can offer 36- and 49- seat buses and 70-83 seat double-deckers to satisfy any of your travel demands.

How wide is your network of bus depots?

“Coach Europe” buses can be rented anywhere in Germany because we have a broad network of bus depots all around the country! You can easily hire any passenger vehicle at a very attractive price from YOUR region just by contacting us.

What events does your company serve?

We provide modern, convenient, high-end coaches and buses for any type of event: business trips, guided tours, trade fairs – this list is endless. Whether you need to transport a small group of the threesome or escort a large number of people to another European country, our passenger fleet of various sizes and cargo capacities is at your service at all times of the day and night.

What about your safety warranties and employees’ competence?

The uncompromising safety of our customers is a matter of the first importance to us. That is why our vehicles and our personnel are the best in Germany. We are committed to employing the most expert drivers and provide the up-to-date buses to guarantee the highest standards of road safety. And this commitment pursues the only objective: complete satisfaction of every our passenger. Our friendly, helpful, and dedicated employees will do anything to provide personalized services and make your trip maximally pleasant and smooth.

What factors influence a price of a chartered bus?

The final cost of a run depends on several factors: distance, type, and size of a vehicle, duration of a trip, and date of a drive. Despite these influencing factors, prices for our services are always the lowest in the country what makes us the most trusted and preferable bus charter operator in Germany.

How do you maintain your vehicles?

Independent DEKRA technicians perform a regular maintenance of all our vehicles and thoroughly inspect their technical condition before every run. If they find the slightest malfunction, a bus is not allowed for a drive until we conduct a whole spectrum of repair works in our own workshop. Our entire fleet fully complies with the international standards of passenger safety because each bus and coach is integrated with cutting-edge active and passive security packages including an electronic braking system, anti-lock braking system, and electronic stability program.

How many hours do your drivers work per day?

We do not allow our drivers to work more than twelve hours a day. Only nine of these twelve working hours can be spent at the wheel. The company may prolong daily driving hours to ten not oftener than two times a week.

Our drivers are required to have at least a 45-minute break after four – five hours of driving. If necessary, a driver can take a shorter break between shorter driving periods. We do not consider brief intervals of less than 15 minutes as breaks.

If a driver performs two shifts in succession, he is required to have a rest of eleven hours minimum. Not oftener than three times a week the company may ask a driver to shorten his period of rest to nine hours. If a working shift lasts for several days and a driver has to spend this time on the road, he will be given 24 hours of rest afterward. Notably, he cannot spend this time as a bus passenger. All these measures are compulsory to ensure the enhanced security of our customers during a journey.

What would you do if another bus charter company offered me a better deal?

For more than 17 years “Coach Europe” has been offering its clients the lowest prices for bus/coaches charters in Germany and this helped us leave all our rivals behind. Other companies may offer you a lower price but will they provide you with the excellent level of service, which you sure deserve and expect? We really doubt.

Gaining a competitive advantage and overall recognition was a great challenge to us: we had to purchase the ultra-modern buses, hire most experienced drivers with an irreproachable manner of driving, and employ the brightest managers. Although these factors influence our prices, they also are our warranty of your absolute safety on the road and complete satisfaction.

In case they promise you a cheaper deal, do not hesitate to contact us – we will exert every effort to make you the most advantageous offer.

Do you only specialize in bus/coach renting?

We help you explore the world – this is our specialization and mission! This means that we are eager to assist you with the planning of any event whether it is an exhibition, exertion or a tour around the country. Our professional tourism group will take all the arrangements upon themselves.

How will I recognize my driver?

When you confirm a request, our manager will kindly ask to provide us with your desired location so that our driver can come and pick you up. Rest assured you will never miss each other even in an overcrowded airport: our driver will wait for you as long as necessary at the check-out exit. You will easily recognize him as he will have a large tag with your clear-written name on it.